You have probably come across one of those funny shaped stones, that no one knows how to pronounce (Gua Sha as in G-u-a- S-c-h-a-a) or a jade roller. You have probaly also heard that those are super good for your skin or even came across the term „Eastern Botox“ in relation tot he Gua Sha technique. But: How to use those? I looks so easy on you tube, but am I doing this right? And what exactly are the benefits?


This is where our famed Gua Sha Workshop comes in: In an intimate setting of 8 we will not only give you the insights of thsi wonderful face caring technique but also introduce you to an easy to follow routine to perform at home. Very hands on we will learn various ways to hold the stone, which pressure to use when and where and will practise the routine right here and right there.


Workshop includes your very own Gua Sha tool. Dirnks and small healthy nibbles are provided as well.

Max 8 people

Price: 75 Euros



Essential oils seem to pop up everywhere - kind of. And you are intrigued. As you would like to explore natural ways to help you with fighting the flu, having a better sleep, being more relaxed, finding a new way to ward off headaches, scenting your home in a natural way, elevating your mood – the list could go on and on.


As there are hundreds of essential oils available – plus pre-made mixes – what to choose for what. And how to use them?! As, and this is our understanding as aroma experts, essential oils shouldn’t be applied to skin directly (there are exceptiosn of course) so we will also talk about the various ways to mix, beldn and use them.


In this workshop we will focus on a core selection of 10 EO’s (as in essential oils) that are commonly available and won’t break the bank plus introduce you to three more fancy (as in more expensive ones) should you want to take this practise further.


We will briefly talk about each oil – and smell it of course- plus outline what to use it for, which other oil it blends well with, and how to best blend it. So you will go home with knowledge about 10 essential oils plus a comprehensive collection of recipes for everyday use.

Workshop includes 5 x 1ml of the following essential oils for you to have at hand immediately plus three empty amber glas bottles for you to use for your own remedies at home:


Lavender, Peppermint, Tea tree, Lemon and Cajeput.


Drinks and healthy nibbles provided.


Max 10 people

Price: 79 Euros





Tongue scrapping?! Oil pulling?! Dry brushing?! Kurkuma, Cardamom, Ginger!? Vata, Pitta, Kapha?! PH balancing though natron?!

You have probaly heard one or even all of the above and are curious if and how little lifestyle changes will affect your ver own wellbeing?

Based on holistic knowledge - think plant remedies such as teas and oils - and ancient ayurvedic rituals – we use this workshop to introduce you to simple changes in your everyday life to achieve whole-body wellness. And: we won’t talk your ear off with unnecessary detail but get you every bit of pratical wisdom to transform one day at a time. Having the tools – and kowledge on hand – to take you toward feeling better is such a life changer. Andi f you have been waiting for a clear plan of action to choose healthy beauty and wellbeing rituals to simply make you feel better, then this is it! As we are introducing you to easy to follow lifestyle changes, beauty rituals and wellbeing recipies to simply make your very whole being – body, soul and spirit – thrive.

Sounds too complicated? Trust us, it’s not.

Don’t have time? Us neither. And you won’t need much.

It’s not the right time to make the switch. It never is. But this workshops isn’t about a BIG lifestyle change. It is about the tiny little baby steps that make you feel better as you are choosing you and as you are choosing tools and rituals that we know simply work.


Give it a try!


Workshop includes lots of recipies to take home plus three essential tools/products that you will want to try out the vey next day. Drinks and healthy nibbles provided.


Max 10 people

Price: 79 Euros


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