Aloe Vera Instant Skin Relief Spray


As Aloe Vera contains antioxidants, enzymes, minerals plus Vitamins A and C, it comes to rescue when to treat minor burns, acne and dry or dehydrated skin. As it is highly anti-inflammatory it is a great product to have close by to instantly soothe and calm above skin conditions and irritations. In Summer we love to store it in our fridge for the ultimate cooling effect after a day spent outside. Our Aloe Vera mist will be great whenever skin needs an instant refreshment.

  • Volume/Inhalt

    50 ml

  • INCIs

    Pure Aloe Vera Juice*

    *Certified organic agriculture

  • How to use

    Mist over face before adding any other moisturizer or faceoil. Or use whenever you need to soothe skin.

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