Ceramic diffuser in almost black

Ceramic diffuser in almost black


Voyanics beautifully crafted ceramic diffuser helps you to easily use all of your essential oils throughout your home, while making a stunning piece of decartion at the same time.


Made from high quality ceramic, Voyanics diffuser is a sbeautiful to look at as it is easy to use.


Voyanics ceramic diffuser is a perfect alternative to scented as you can customize your aroma by using essential oils to match your mood, day or circumstance.


Simply fill up the water resevoir to the fill line (120 ml fill capacity) and add a maximum of 20-25 drops of 100% pure organic essential oils or a pre-mixed blend.


Place the inner plastic lid back on the reservoir and then slide the stone cover over top.


Plug in your diffuser and turn on. Choose your diffusing setting by clicking the large on/off button at the base: one click turns on a continuous 3-hour setting (green light), while two clicks turns on an intermittent 7.5-hour setting (orange light).


Once water reservoir is empty, the diffuser will shut off automatically.


The Voyanics diffuser runs through vibrations (2.5 million vibrations per second) instead of emitting heat. This means the plastic, water, and oils are never heated while diffusing, and that the plastic never interacts with the essential oils.

Also: The water reservoir and inner plastic lid inside our diffuser is made from high-grade, BPA-free plastic.



  • How to use

    Fill water tank with 120 ml water and add up to 20 drops of essential oils. Plug in and switch on, choosing the desired diffusing mode.

  • Volume/Inhalt: 120 ml fill volume

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