Super lightweight, velvety moisturiser




This super lightweight, velvety moisturising cream keeps skin hydrated throughout the day.

Skin goes through a lot in a day: bad weather, good weather, pollution, frowns, tears, laughter - maybe even all of the above! So your morning moisturiser needs to have your back until your head hits the pillow at night. Dr Jacksons 01 Day Cream brings together natural ingredients with cutting-edge science to cover all bases, keeping skin hydrated throughout the day. Intense hydration all day long? Check. A flawless complexion? Check. Heading to the office? Check. Smooth, youthful skin? Check.

The 01 Day Cream’s key natural ingredients work in synergy to deliver a clear complexion and a silken finish, kigelia fruit extract calms and soothes, baobab seed oil provides smooth and youthful skin, while moisture-rich marula seed oil and shea fruit butter retexturise and rejuvenate the complexion.

The light-as-a-feather texture will give your skin a dewy, silken finish, without sacrificing the nourishment and protection it needs to stay healthy - an essential for your morning routine.

Day Cream 01

  • 30 ml

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