A super lightweight moisturiser with UVA/UVB protection


This lightweight yet velvety moisturising cream keeps skin hydrated throughout the day. The new and improved formula has even more sun protection, with SPF 30 UVA/UVB broad spectrum coverage.

Now cleaner and safer for both your skin and our planet, the 01 Day Cream SPF 30’s key natural ingredients remain the same, working in synergy to deliver a clear complexion and a silken finish. Kigelia fruit extract calms and soothes, baobab seed oil leaves skin smooth and youthful, while moisture-rich marula seed oil and shea fruit butter retexturise and rejuvenate.

You won’t find oxybenzone or octinoxate, chemicals that have been associated with hormone disruption and the destructive bleaching of coral reefs, in Dr Jackson’s 01 Day Cream SPF 30. Nor will you find dimethicone, a silicone that is known for clogging pores, triggering acne symptoms and its non-biodegradable properties. Furthermore, our new formula is free from petroleum-derived paraffin, polyacrylamide, environmentally damaging EDTA or the preservative BHT, a recognised skin irritant.


SPF means clogged pores and a nice, greasy sheen, right? Not with Dr Jackson’s 01 Day Cream SPF 30. In fact, this formula delivers exactly the opposite. The light-as-a-feather texture will give your skin a dewy, silken finish, without sacrificing the nourishment and protection it needs to stay healthy.



Day Cream SPF 30

  • 30 ml

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