An intensely rich and nourishing moisturiser


Your skin is a magical thing. While you’re fast asleep at night, it’s working wonders to repair all the hardships it has endured throughout the day, from dehydration, to stress, to sun damage. Since it’s doing everything it can to make sure you wake up looking fresh-faced, the least you can do is give it a helping hand.  

Dr Jackson's luxurious 02 Night Cream is perfect for nighttime use, thanks to long-lasting hydrating effects (clinical trials have proved that just one application works its moisturising magic on the skin for up to eight hours!). This rich, buttery moisturiser is packed full of natural ingredients that work in harmony to nourish and soften the skin while you’re dreaming away. Make this replenishing formula part of your bedtime rituals to enrich the skin and create an atmosphere of peace and serenity; take a deep breath and let the relaxing aromas of fragrant frankincense help you drift off. Come morning, you’ll be feeling refreshed and looking radiant.

Night Cream

  • 30 ml

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